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       docker-ps - List containers


       docker ps [-a|--all] [-f|--filter[=[]]] [--format="TEMPLATE"] [--help] [-l|--latest]
       [-n[=-1]] [--no-trunc] [-q|--quiet] [-s|--size]


       List the containers in the local repository. By default this shows only the running


       -a, --all=true|false
          Show all containers. Only running containers are shown by default. The default is

       -f, --filter=[]
          Filter output based on these conditions:
          - exited=<int> an exit code of <int>
          - label=<key> or label=<key>=<value>
          - status=(created|restarting|running|paused|exited|dead)
          - name=<string> a container's name
          - id=<ID> a container's ID
          - before=(<container-name>|<container-id>)
          - since=(<container-name>|<container-id>)
          - ancestor=(<image-name>[:tag]|<image-id>| ⟨image@digest⟩) - containers created from an
       image or a descendant.

          Pretty-print containers using a Go template.
          Valid placeholders:
             .ID - Container ID
             .Image - Image ID
             .Command - Quoted command
             .CreatedAt - Time when the container was created.
             .RunningFor - Elapsed time since the container was started.
             .Ports - Exposed ports.
             .Status - Container status.
             .Size - Container disk size.
             .Labels - All labels assigned to the container.
             .Label - Value of a specific label for this container. For example {{.Label

         Print usage statement

       -l, --latest=true|false
          Show only the latest created container (includes all states). The default is false.

          Show n last created containers (includes all states).

          Don't truncate output. The default is false.

       -q, --quiet=true|false
          Only display numeric IDs. The default is false.

       -s, --size=true|false
          Display total file sizes. The default is false.


Display all containers, including non-running

              # docker ps -a
              CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                 COMMAND                CREATED             STATUS      PORTS    NAMES
              a87ecb4f327c        fedora:20             /bin/sh -c #(nop) MA   20 minutes ago      Exit 0               desperate_brattain
              01946d9d34d8        vpavlin/rhel7:latest  /bin/sh -c #(nop) MA   33 minutes ago      Exit 0               thirsty_bell
              c1d3b0166030        acffc0358b9e          /bin/sh -c yum -y up   2 weeks ago         Exit 1               determined_torvalds
              41d50ecd2f57        fedora:20             /bin/sh -c #(nop) MA   2 weeks ago         Exit 0               drunk_pike

Display only IDs of all containers, including non-running

              # docker ps -a -q

Display only IDs of all containers that have the name determined_torvalds

              # docker ps -a -q --filter=name=determined_torvalds

Display containers with their commands

              # docker ps --format "{{.ID}}: {{.Command}}"
              a87ecb4f327c: /bin/sh -c #(nop) MA
              01946d9d34d8: /bin/sh -c #(nop) MA
              c1d3b0166030: /bin/sh -c yum -y up
              41d50ecd2f57: /bin/sh -c #(nop) MA

Display containers with their labels in a table

              # docker ps --format "table {{.ID}}\t{{.Labels}}"
              CONTAINER ID        LABELS
              a87ecb4f327c        com.docker.swarm.node=ubuntu,
              c1d3b0166030        com.docker.swarm.node=debian,com.docker.swarm.cpu=6
              41d50ecd2f57        com.docker.swarm.node=fedora,com.docker.swarm.cpu=3,

Display containers with their node label in a table

              # docker ps --format 'table {{.ID}}\t{{(.Label "com.docker.swarm.node")}}'
              CONTAINER ID        NODE
              a87ecb4f327c        ubuntu
              c1d3b0166030        debian
              41d50ecd2f57        fedora


       April 2014, Originally compiled by William Henry (whenry at redhat dot com) based on source material and internal work.  June 2014, updated by Sven Dowideit
       ⟨⟩ August 2014, updated by Sven Dowideit
       ⟨⟩ November 2014, updated by Sven Dowideit
       ⟨⟩ February 2015, updated by André Martins