Provided by: docker.io_1.10.3-0ubuntu6_amd64 bug


       docker-start - Start one or more containers


       docker start [-a|--attach] [--detach-keys[=[]]] [--help] [-i|--interactive] CONTAINER


       Start one or more containers.


       -a, --attach=true|false
          Attach container's STDOUT and STDERR and forward all signals to the
          process. The default is false.

          Override the key sequence for detaching a container. Format is a single character [a-Z]
       or ctrl-<value> where <value> is one of: a-z, @, ^, [, , or _.

         Print usage statement

       -i, --interactive=true|false
          Attach container's STDIN. The default is false.

See also

       docker-stop(1) to stop a container.


       April 2014, Originally compiled by William Henry (whenry at redhat dot com) based on source material and internal work.  June 2014, updated by Sven Dowideit