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       dosage - a comic strip downloader and archiver


       dosage [options] module...


       dosage  is an application designed to keep a local mirror of specific web comics and other
       picture-based content, such as Picture Of The Day sites, with a  variety  of  options  for
       updating and maintaining collections.


       -b PATH, --basepath=PATH
              Specifies a base path to put comic subdirectories. The default is Comics.

              Specifies the base URL for output handlers. The default is a local file URI.

       -a, --all
              Traverses  all available strips backwards from the current one.  This can be useful
              you want a full collection of a new comic strip, or update an  existing  one  where
              files  are  missing.   Catchups  can  start  at a specific strip by using the index
              syntax, see the INDEX SYNTAX and SPECIAL SYNTAX sections for more information. This
              is useful when you missed some days and want only to download the missing files.

       -c, --continue
              Same  as  --all,  but  stop at the first existing image file.  Useful for cron jobs
              that are not executed every day.

       -h, --help
              Output brief help information.

       -l, --list
              List available comic modules in multi-column fashion.

              List available comic modules in single-column fashion.

       -m MODULE, --modulehelp=MODULE
              Output module-specific help for MODULE.

       -o OUTPUT, --output=OUTPUT
              OUTPUT may be any one of the following:

              html - Writes out an HTML file linking to the strips  actually  downloaded  in  the
              current  run,  named  by date (ala dailystrips). The files can be found in the html
              directory of your Comics directory.

              rss - Writes out an RSS feed detailing what strips were downloaded in the  last  24
              hours. The feed can be found in Comics/dailydose.xml.

              json  -  Write a JSON file with all download infos (URLs, images). Can be used with
              other scripts, eg. to add symbolic links.
       This option can be given multiple times.

       -t, --timestamps
              Print timestamps for all output at any level.

       -v, --verbose
              Increase the output level by one with each occurence.

       -V, --version
              Display the version number.

       --vote Vote for the selected comics to tell others that you like them.   The  sum  of  all
              votes   for   a   comic   will   be   displayed   at   the  comic  index  pages  at
     module At least  one  valid  module
              must  be  specified. A list of valid modules can be found by passing the -l option.
              Multiple module arguments can be specified on the command line.  Module  names  are
              case  insensitive, and it is sufficient to specify a unique substring of the module


       Instead of starting at the latest comic strip, an index lets dosage  start  at  a  certain
       strip.  The  index  can  be  specified by appending a colon : and the index name after the
       module. Multiple comma-spearated indices can also be specified.

       The index name itself usually is the part of the comic strip URL that identifiess a strip,
       eg.  a  number  or  a  date. The expected format is documented when using the --modulehelp


       @      This expands to mean all the comics currently in your Comics directory.  All  other
              specified comic module names will be ignored.

       @@     This expands to mean all the comics available to Dosage.

       INDEX SYNTAX can not be used with SPECIAL SYNTAX.


       Retrieve all Mega Tokyo comics:
              dosage -a megatokyo

       Retrieve the current comic of Cyanide and Happiness:
              dosage cyanideandhappiness

       Retrieve the current strip of all comics in your Comics directory:
              dosage @

       Vote for the comics in your Comics directory:
              dosage --vote @

       Retrieve the current strip of every comic that there is a module for:
              dosage @@

       Retrieve the Penny Arcade strip for a given index:
              dosage pennyarcade:2004-07-22

       Retrieve Calvin and Hobbes strips from a given index going backwards to the beginning.
              dosage -a calvinandhobbes:2012/07/22


              dosage will use the specified HTTP proxy when downloading URL contents.


       Should  retrieval  fail on any given strip dosage will attempt to retry. However the retry
       information is only outputted in the second and successive output levels.

       At the time of writing, a complete Dosage collection weighs in at around 3.0GB.


       The return value greater than zero when

       ·      a program error occurred.

       ·      comics could not be found or downloaded

       ·      the program run was aborted with Ctrl-C

       Else the return value is zero.


       Users   can   report   or   view    bugs,    patches    or    feature    suggestions    at


       Jonathan Jacobs, Tristan Seligmann, Bastian Kleineidam <>


       Copyright © 2004-2005 Tristan Seligmann and Jonathan Jacobs
       Copyright © 2012-2014 Bastian Kleineidam