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       dotter - Sequence dotplots with image enhancement tools.


       dotter [options] <horizontal_sequence> <vertical_sequence> [X options]


              Reference:  Sonnhammer  ELL  &  Durbin  R (1995). A dot-matrix program with dynamic
              threshold control suited for  genomic  DNA  and  protein  sequence  analysis.  Gene

       Allowed types:
              Protein          -        Protein   DNA              -       DNA  DNA             -


       -b <file>
              Batch mode, write dotplot to <file>

       -l <file>
              Load dotplot from <file>

       -m <float>
              Memory usage limit in Mb (default 0.5)

       -z <int>
              Set zoom (compression) factor

       -p <int>
              Set pixel factor manually (ratio pixelvalue/score)

       -W <int>
              Set sliding window size. (K => Karlin/Altschul estimate)

       -M <file>
              Read in score matrix from <file> (Blast format; Default: Blosum62).

       -F <file>
              Read in sequences and data from <file> (replaces sequencefiles).

       -f <file>
              Read feature segments from <file>

       -H     Do not calculate dotplot at startup.

       -R     Reversed Greyramp tool at start.

       -r     Reverse and complement horizontal_sequence (DNA vs Protein)

       -D     Don't display mirror image in self comparisons

       -w     For DNA: horizontal_sequence top strand only (Watson)

       -c     For DNA: horizontal_sequence bottom strand only (Crick)

       -q <int>
              Horizontal_sequence offset

       -s <int>
              Vertical_sequence offset

              Some X options: -acefont <font> Main font.  -font    <font> Menu font.

SEE ALSO for more info.

AUTHOR Version 3.1, compiled Jul 10 2010

                                            July 2010                                  DOTTER:(1)