Provided by: pkg-perl-tools_0.28_all bug


       dpt-takeover -- take over a package for the Debian Perl Group


       dpt takeover -t top-directory [option...] package...


       dpt takeover helps taking over a package and adopting its control files for maintenance by
       the Debian Perl group.

       dpt takeover first creates a local Git repository either from existing Git repository
       specified with the -g option, or by importing all package versions available on via gbp-import-dscs(1).

       Next dpt takeover adds suitable entries to debian/changelog, using information given by
       the -m or the -a options.

       Next dpt takeover runs "dpt-packagecheck -a -A -C -c" to adjust the control fields.

       Finally, the resulting Git repository is pushed to the Debian collaborative server,, unless the -n option is used.


       -t top-directory  (mandatory)
           The location of the top level directory, containing packages/.

       -m URL
           The address of the message with which the previous maintainer requests adoption. It is
           included in the commit message and debian/changelog.

           Conflicts with -a.

       -a number
           RFA/ITA bug number. Suitable "Closes: #nnnnnn" is added to debian/changelog.

           Conflicts with -m.

       -g URL
           URL of an existing Git repository to clone. If not present gbp-import-dscs is used to
           prime the local Git repository from the package versions available on

       -n  Local operation. The resulting Git repository is not pushed to


       Copyright 2008, 2009, 2013, 2014 Damyan Ivanov <>

       Copyright 2008, 2011 gregor herrmann <>

       Copyright 2008, 2009, Ryan Niebur <>

       This program is free software and can be distributed under the same terms as Perl.