Provided by: pyfai_0.11.0+dfsg-3build1_all bug


       drawMask_pymca - Draw a mask for integration


       usage: drawMask_pymca file1.edf file2.edf ...

       Draw  a mask, i.e. an image containing the list of pixels which are considered invalid (no
       scintillator, module gap, beam stop shadow, ...). This will open a PyMca  window  and  let
       you  draw  on the first image (provided) with different tools (brush, rectangle selection,
       ...). When you are finished, come back to the console and press enter.

   positional arguments:
       FILE   Files to be processed

   optional arguments:
       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       -v, --version
              show program's version number and exit

       The mask image is saved into file1-masked.edf. Optionally the script will print the number
       of pixel masked and the intensity masked (as well on other files provided in input)