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       eagle - Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor


       eagle [options] [file] [layers]


       EAGLE  is  a  printed  circuit  board  (PCB)  design tool that combines
       schematic capture, layout editing and autorouting.


       Most of the options are intended for use  with  the  CAM  Processor  in
       command line mode.

       Options  are  either switches that turn a certain feature on or off, or
       set a certain parameter to a given value.  Switch options are  followed
       by  a  '+'  or  '-'  sign,  which turns the given option 'on' or 'off',
       respectively.  In the following list of all options switch options  are
       shown with their default value. If a switch option is 'off' by default,
       it can be turned 'on' by simply using the  option  character  (the  '+'
       sign is implicit).

       With tolerance options values that have a positive sign define positive
       tolerances, negative  signs  define  negative  tolerances,  and  values
       without a sign define 'plus/minus' tolerances.

       -A name
              Switch to assembly variant name.

       -C command
              Executes  the  given  command  in an editor window.  A file name
              (board, schematic or library) must be given, so that  an  editor
              window will be opened in which the command can be executed.

       -D tolerance
              Tolerance for draw type apertures (0.1 = 10%).

              Default: 0

       -E tolerance
              Tolerance for drills (0.1 = 10%).

              Default: 0

       -F tolerance
              Tolerance for flash type apertures (0.1 = 10%).

              Default: 0

       -N     No  command  line  prompts.   Turns off the command line message
              prompts in the CAM Processor. This is mostly  useful  for  fully
              automated CAM batch jobs.

       -O+    Optimize  movement  for  pen  plotters, photo plotters and drill

              Default: on

       -P layer=pen
              For pen plotters this  option  defines  which  layer  is  to  be
              printed  with  which  pen (color).  layer can range from 1..255,
              pen can range from 1..255.

       -R rackfile
              Drill rack file.

       -S scriptfile
              Define a different startup script file name.

              Default: eagle.scr

       -U name
              Use the file name instead of  the  default  ~/.eaglerc  file  to
              store user settings.

       -W wheelfile
              Aperture wheel file.

       -X-    Execute the CAM Processor in command line mode.

       -a     obsolete

       -c+    Assert positive coordinates ("auto fit").  Moves the output data
              so that everything is located in the positive coordinate area.

              Default: on

       -d device
              CAM Processor output  device  (-d?  for  a  list  of  all  known

       -e-    Emulate unavailable apertures with smaller ones.

              Default: off

       -f+    Fill  pads.  Defines  wehther  the  drill holes of pads and vias
              should be filles or not.

              Default: on

       -h pageheight
              Page height (inch) for printers.

       -m-    Mirror output.  Note that this can cause  negative  coordinates,
              so you might want to make sure that the -c option is on.

              Default: off

       -o outputfile
              Output filename.

       -p pendiameter
              Pen diameter (mm) for pen plotters.

              Default: 0

       -q-    Quick plot, which draws only the outlines of objects.

              Default: off

       -r-    Rotate  output by 90 degrees.  Note that this can cause negative
              coordinates, so you might want to make sure that the  -c  option
              is on.

              Default: off

       -s scalefactor
              Scale  factor  for the generated output. Values smaller than 1.0
              generate a  shrinked  output.  If  scalefactor  has  a  negative
              (integer)  value,  the  actual  scale  factor  will  be selected
              automatically so that the drawing will  fit  on  the  number  of
              pages given by the absolute value of scalefactor.

              Default: 1.0

       -t     obsolete

       -u-    Output upside down (i.e. rotate by 180 degrees).  Note that this
              can cause negative coordinates, so you might want to  make  sure
              that the -c option is on.

              Default: off

       -v penvelocity
              Pen  velocity  (in  cm/s,  for  pen  plotters  that support this
              feature). The default value of 0 selects the  plotter's  default
              pen velocity.

              Default: 0

       -w pagewidth
              Page width (inch) for printers.

       -x offset
              Offset in x direction (inch).

              Default: 0.0

       -y offset
              Offset in y direction (inch).

              Default: 0.0


       By  default,  EAGLE  is  installed in /opt/eagle-6.6.0 (if installed as
       user 'root'), or ~/eagle-6.6.0 (under the user's home  directory),  but
       you can install it into any other directory you might prefer.

       The following subdirectories are located below this directory:

       bin        Executable programs
       cam        CAM Processor files
       doc        Documentation files
       dru        Design Rules files
       lbr        Part library files
       projects   Example board and schematic files
       scr        Script files
       ulp        User Language Programs


       Context sensitive online help information is provided as an HTML file.

       EAGLE  implements  its own help viewer, but the help file can of course
       also be viewed with any other HTML viewer.


              Terminates the program. Any modified files will not be saved.


       0      Successful program execution.

       1      CAM Processor warning.

       >1     An error has occurred.


              User specific parameters are stored in the file  .eaglerc  under
              the user's home directory.


       This is EAGLE version 6.6.0.


       EAGLE is produced by CadSoft Computer GmbH (

       Copyright (c) 1988-2014 CadSoft Computer GmbH.