Provided by: ec2-api-tools_1.6.14.1-0ubuntu1_all bug


       ec2-import-volume - Create a new import volume task using meta-data from the given disk


        ec2ivol ([ec2iv, ec2-import-volume])
        ec2ivol [GENERAL OPTIONS] [SPECIFIC OPTIONS] disk-image


        Any command option/parameter may be passed a value of '-' to indicate
        that values for that option should be read from stdin.


        Create a new import volume task using meta-data from the given disk
        image. The volume size for the imported disk-image will be calculated
        automatically, unless specified.


        -O, --aws-access-key KEY
            AWS Access Key ID. Defaults to the value of the AWS_ACCESS_KEY
            environment variable (if set).

        -W, --aws-secret-key KEY
            AWS Secret Access Key. Defaults to the value of the AWS_SECRET_KEY
            environment variable (if set).

        -T, --security-token TOKEN
            AWS delegation token. Defaults to the value of the AWS_DELEGATION_TOKEN
            environment variable (if set).

        -K, --private-key KEY
            [DEPRECATED] Specify KEY as the private key to use. Defaults to the value of the
            EC2_PRIVATE_KEY environment variable (if set). Overrides the default.

        -C, --cert CERT
            [DEPRECATED] Specify CERT as the X509 certificate to use. Defaults to the value
            of the EC2_CERT environment variable (if set). Overrides the default.

        -U, --url URL
            Specify URL as the web service URL to use. Defaults to the value of
            '' (us-east-1) or to that of the
            EC2_URL environment variable (if set). Overrides the default.

        --region REGION
            Specify REGION as the web service region to use.
            This option will override the URL specified by the "-U URL" option
            and EC2_URL environment variable.
            This option defaults to the region specified by the EC2_URL environment variable
            or us-east-1 if this environment variable is not set.

        -D, --auth-dry-run
            Check if you can perform the requested action rather than actually performing it.

        -v, --verbose
            Verbose output.

        -?, --help
            Display this help.

        -H, --headers
            Display column headers.

            Display additional debugging information.

            Indicate empty fields.

            Do not display tags for tagged resources.

        --connection-timeout TIMEOUT
            Specify a connection timeout TIMEOUT (in seconds).

        --request-timeout TIMEOUT
            Specify a request timeout TIMEOUT (in seconds).


        -f, --format FORMAT
            The file format of the disk image. Refer to the latest Developer's
            Guide for valid values. [REQUIRED]

        -s, --volume-size SIZE
            The size of the EBS volume, in GiB (2^30 bytes), that will hold the
            converted image. If this option is omitted, the required volume size
            will be computed from the image file.

        -z, --availability-zone ZONE
            Specifies the availability zone for the imported disk-image. Run the
            'ec2-describe-availability-zones' command for a list of values, and
            see the latest Developer's Guide for their meanings. [REQUIRED]

        -b, --bucket BUCKET
            S3 destination bucket name for the manifest. [REQUIRED, unless the option
            --manifest-url is specified]

        -o, --owner-akid OWNERAKID
            AWS Access Key Id of the owner of BUCKET.

        -w, --owner-sak SECRETKEY
            AWS Secret Access Key of the owner of BUCKET, used to sign the import
            -manifest URL. This parameter value is not sent to EC2. [REQUIRED]

        --prefix PREFIX
            Prefix for the manifest-file and disk-image file parts within the S3
            bucket. [OPTIONAL]

        --manifest-url url
            Optionally, specify the URL for an existing import-manifest file already
            uploaded to S3 [OPTIONAL]. This option cannot be specified if --bucket
            has been specified.

        -d, --description DESCRIPTION
            An optional, free-form comment that will be returned verbatim during
            subsequent calls to ec2-describe-conversion-tasks.  Maximum length is 240

        -x, --expires DAYS
            Validity period for the signed S3 URLS that allow EC2 to access the manifest
            Defaults to 30 days. [OPTIONAL]

            Ignore the verification check to determine that the bucket's S3 region
            matches the EC2 region where the conversion-task is created.

        --user-threads THREADS
            Maximum number of threads to concurrently upload the file with. Defaults to
            20 threads. [OPTIONAL]

            Do not create a import task, only validate the disk image.

            Do not verify the file format.  This is dangerous and may result in a failed
            conversion. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

            Do not upload a disk image to S3. To complete the import task, requires
            upload using ec2-resume-import.