Provided by: refdb-clients_1.0.2-3ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       eenc - perform password encryption for RefDB clients


       eenc [-p ABC-DE-FG-HI] password


       RefDB(7) clients send passwords to refdbd(1) in an encrypted form. Programmers that
       implement custom clients in languages other than C or Perl may use this program to perform
       the password encryption if implementing the algorithm in the target language is too
       cumbersome. The program writes the encoded password to stdout. As the encoding algorithm
       is symmetrical, you can use this utility to encode plain text passwords as well as to
       decode encrypted passwords.

       The algorithm used by eenc is derived from the ENIGMA algorithm. Security is limited but
       should be sufficient for the purposes of a reference management software. Please see the
       RefDB manual (see below) for further information about the client-server protocol.


       -p ABC-DE-FG-HI
           The slot and rotor position string sent back by refdbd(1) during the first stage of
           the client-server protocol. ABC denotes which wheel goes into which slot, and the
           remaining digits encode the positions of the wheels in slots 0 through 2.

           The plain-text password when encrypting, or the encoded password when decrypting.


       RefDB (7), refdbd (1).

       RefDB manual (local copy) PREFIX/share/doc/refdb-<version>/refdb-manual/index.html

       RefDB manual (web) <>

       RefDB on the web <>


       eenc was written by Markus Hoenicka <>.