Provided by: gnuradio_3.7.9.1-2ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       fcd_nfm_rx - Narrow band FM receiver example


       FunCube Dongle Narrowband FM receiver


       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

              Audio input device (default=hw:1)

       --freq RF frequency in kHz (defaualt=145500)

       --gain LNA gain in dB (default=20)

       The  FunCube  Dongle device appears as a stereo sound card, supported by ALSA drivers. The
       device to specify is the ALSA device corresponding to the dongle, from which  receiver  IQ
       data  is  fetched.  This  application  sends  demodulated  audio  out  to the default ALSA
       soundcard output.

       The FunCube Dongle device needs to  have  recent  updated  firmware.  See  the  qthid-fcd-
       controller package for tools to update the firmware: qthid and qthid-2.2 applications.

       The  Funcube  Dongle is a software defined radio receiver in a USB stick covering 64 MHz -
       1.7 GHz. More info about the Funcube Dongle is available at


       qthid(1) uhd_rx_cfile(1) uhd_rx_nogui(1) uhd_siggen(1) uhd_siggen_gui(1)