Provided by: autoconf2.13_2.13-67_all bug


       ifnames2.13 - print identifiers that a package uses in C preprocessor conditionals


       ifnames2.13 [ --help | -h ] [ --macrodir=dir | -m dir ] [ --version ]


       ifnames2.13  can  help  when writing a for a software package.  It prints the
       identifiers that the package already uses in C preprocessor conditionals.   If  a  package
       has  already  been  set  up to have some portability, this program can help you figure out
       what its configure needs to check for.  It may help fill in some gaps  in  a
       generated by autoscan2.13 (see autoscan2.13(1)).

       ifnames2.13  scans  all  of  the C source files named on the command line (or the standard
       input, if none are given) and writes to the standard output  a  sorted  list  of  all  the
       identifiers  that  appear in those files in #if, #elif, #ifdef, or #ifndef directives.  It
       prints each identifier on a line, followed by a space-separated list of the files in which
       that identifier occurs.

       ifnames2.13 accepts the following options:


       -h     Print a summary of the command line options and exit.


       -m DIR Look  for  the  installed  macro  files  in  directory  DIR.   You can also set the
              AC_MACRODIR  environment  variable  to  a  directory;  this  option  overrides  the
              environment variable.

              Print the version number of Autoconf and exit.


       autoconf2.13(1), autoheader2.13(1), autoreconf2.13(1), autoscan2.13(1), autoupdate2.13(1)


       David  MacKenzie,  with  help from Franc,ois Pinard, Karl Berry, Richard Pixley, Ian Lance
       Taylor, Roland McGrath, Noah Friedman, David D.  Zuhn,  and  many  others.   This  manpage
       written by Ben Pfaff <> for the Debian GNU/Linux autoconf2.13 package.

                                             Autoconf                                  IFNAMES(1)