Provided by: lintian_2.5.43_all bug


       lintian-lab-tool - perform common operations on/involving laboratories


       lintian-lab-tool <cmd> <lab> [...]

       lintian-lab-tool help


       The lintian-lab-tool ...


       create-lab laboratory-dir
           Creates a new permanent Lintian laboratory in the directory denoted by laboratory-dir.

       help [cmd]
           Display the synopsis of this tool or one of its operations.

       remove-lab laboratory-dir
           Removes a permanent Lintian laboratory in the directory denoted by laboratory-dir.

       remove-pkgs laboratory-dir query [... query]
           Removes all packages matching the given queries from the permanent Lintian laboratory
           denoted by laboratory-dir.

       scrub-lab laboratory-dir
           Attempt to fix common metadata issues in an existing laboratory.

           This command can correct some corruptions caused by programs that failed to
           synchronize the laboratory metadata with the actual contents.  Almost all corrections
           involve discarding corrupted entries.

           These issues usually occur because:

           •   Two processes update the laboratory concurrently.

           •   A process updated the laboratory but was killed / crashed before it properly close
               the laboratory.

           Note that Lintian tools will fix these issues automatically as the tools happen to run
           into the issues.


       Laboratories are not designed to have multiple processes working on them concurrently.




       Niels Thykier <>

       Richard Braakman <>

       Christian Schwarz <>