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       mktextfm - create a TFM file for a font


       mktextfm [options] font


       This  manual  page  is  not  meant  to be exhaustive.  The complete documentation for this
       version of TeX can be found in the info file  or  manual  Kpathsea:  A  library  for  path

       mktextfm  is  used  to  generate  a  tfm  file from the Metafont source files for font, if
       possible.  If destdir is given, the generated file will be installed  there,  otherwise  a
       (rather complicated) heuristic is used.

       The name of the generated file is printed on standard output.

       mktextfm is typically called by other programs, rather than from the command line.


       mktextfm accepts the following options:

       --destdir dir
              A directory name. If the directory is absolute, it is used as-is.  Otherwise, it is
              appended to the root destination directory set in the script.

       --help Print help message and exit.

              Print version information and exit.


       mktexmf(1), mktexpk(1).