Provided by: pdf2svg_0.2.2-1_amd64 bug


       pdf2svg - PDF to SVG convertor


       pdf2svg pdffile svgfile [page number]


       pdf2svg  is  a  tiny command-line utility using Cairo and Poppler to convert PDF documents
       into SVG files.  Multi-page PDF can be split up to one SVG per  page  by  passing  a  file
       naming specification.

       The program does not follow the usual GNU command line syntax.

       The  first  argument  is  the  source PDF file, the second argument is the filename of the
       output SVG file (or a specification, see below for details).


       The third parameter is optional and serves as a page selector. If omitted it  defaults  to
       the  first  page of the passed PDF.  If passed it must be a valid page label (typically it
       is a value such as "iii" or "3").

       This special selector causes the program to iterate over all pages in the PDF.  Because it
       cannot save multiple pages into one single SVG the second parameter is expected to contain
       a sensible file specification:

       pdf2svg document.pdf output-page%d.svg all

       The  usual  format  modificators  work  as  well:  output-page%02d.svg   will   give   you
       output-page00.svg, output-page01.svg, etc.


       pdf2svg  was  written by David Barton <> and Matthew Flaschen

       This manual page was written by Philipp Kern <>, for  the  Debian  project
       (but may be used by others).

                                          July 16, 2008                                PDF2SVG(1)