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       QLandkarteGT - GPS mapping (GeoTiff and vector) and GPSr management


       qlandkartegt  [ -d | --debug ] [ -h | --help ] -m FD | --monitor=FD ] [ -n | --no-splash ]
       [ files...  ]


       QLandkarteGT is a versatile tool for GPS maps in GeoTiff format as well  as  Garmin's  img
       vector   map   format.  QLandkarteGT  is  the  successor  of  QLandkarte.   Among  various
       improvements (e.g. 2D/3D map rendering and reduced resource demands) the major  difference
       is its device-independent architecture, which is not limited to Garmin devices anymore.

       Additionally,  QLandkarteGT serves as a frontend to the GDAL tools, to make georeferencing
       of scanned maps feasible  for  users.  In  contrast  to  similar  tools  (e.g.  QGis)  its
       straightforward interface is especially suited for non-scientific users.


       QLandkarteGT  currently understands the following options.  Note that long options must be
       specified in full (by now).


              Enable additional debugging messages to standard output.


       --help Print a short option summary, and exit.

       -m FD

              Monitor the file descriptor FD for activity.   If  any  new  data  arrives  on  the
              descriptor, a single byte is read from it, all currently active data are discarded,
              and the geo data files that have been specified at the end of the command-line when
              starting QLandkarteGT are read and evaluated again.


              Do not display the splash screen on startup.

       All  remaining  positional arguments are considered names of geo data files to be read and
       evaluated upon startup.


       QLandkarteGT Homepage:


       QLandkarteGT   was   written   and   is   currently   maintained   by    Oliver    Eichler

                                             Dec 2009                             QLandkarteGT(1)