Provided by: vinetto_0.07-2_all bug


       vinetto - extract thumbnails and associated metadata from Thumbs.db files


            vinetto [OPTION] [-o DIR] file


       vinetto extracts the thumbnails and associated metadata from the Thumbs.db files.

       The  MS  Windows  systems  (98,  ME,  2000,  XP  and 2003 Server) can store thumbnails and
       metadata of the picture files contained in  directories.  The  thumbnails  and  associated
       metadata  are stored in Thumbs.db files (that are undocumented OLE structured files). Once
       a picture file has been deleted from the filesystem, the related thumbnail and  associated
       metadata  remain  stored  in the Thumbs.db file. So, the data contained in Thumbs.db files
       are a helpful source of information for the forensics investigators.

       vinetto will help *nix-based forensics investigators to:

              •  easily preview thumbnails of deleted pictures on Windows systems;

              •  obtain information (dates, path, ...) about these deleted pictures.


              Show program's version number and exit.

       -h, --help
              Show help message and exit.

       -o DIR Write thumbnails to DIR

       -H     Write html report to DIR

       -U     Use utf8 encodings.

       -s     Create symlink of the picture realname to the numbered name in DIR/.thumbs.


       Display metadata contained within a Thumbs.db file:

           $ vinetto /path/to/Thumbs.db

       Extract the related thumbnails to a directory:

           $ vinetto -o /tmp/vinetto_output /path/to/Thumbs.db

       Extract the related thumbnails to a directory and produce a HTML report to  preview  these
       thumbnails through your favorite browser:

           $ vinetto -Ho /tmp/vinetto_output /path/to/Thumbs.db

       Get a metadata report on all non deleted Thumbs.db files contained within a partition:

           $ find /mnt/sda2 -iname thumbs.db -printf "\n==\n %p \n\n" -exec vinetto {} \; 2>/tmp/vinetto_err.log >/tmp/vinetto_sda2.txt


       vinetto can generate its results in hidden directories, as .thumbs.


       MS  Windows  stores  thumbnails  in  its Thumbs.db files, according to various formats. At
       present, vinetto does not produce an excellent reconstruction of Type 1a  thumbnails.  See
       more details and examples here[1].


       In 0.07 version, vinetto can crash when used without '-o' option. If this command crashes:

           $ vinetto /path/to/Thumbs.db

       Please, try this:

           $ vinetto -o . /path/to/Thumbs.db

       It  will  show metadata and extract the thumbs (maybe an undesirable result). But it won't


       vinetto was written by Michel Roukine <>.

       This manual page was written by Danny van der Meeren  <>  and  updated  by
       Joao  Eriberto  Mota  Filho  <>  for Debian project (but may be used by