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       webxref - Output references to ids and classes in an Ajax Web application


       webxref [-huxcCiIv] files..


       The  Ada  Web  Server  is  a  library  that allows you to embed a web server into your Ada
       application.  It provides not only HTTP but also SOAP, WSDL and several other  facilities.
       Thus you can write full-fledged web applications.

       WSDL  (Web  Service  Definition  Language)  is  a  language  based on XML.  WSDL documents
       describe, in a formal way, the interface to Web Services. This description consists of the
       end-point  (URL  to  the  server offering the service), the SOAPAction (needed to call the
       remote procedure), the  procedure  names  and  a  description  of  the  input  and  output

       Using webxref, you can track down unused or undefined entities in Ajax Web development, as
       it is very difficult to ensure that a referenced Id does actually exist in Web  pages  for

       Please see the AWS User's guide for more details on how webxref works, and how you can use
       it to develop web services.


       -h     display help

       -x     output all cross-references (default)

       -u     output unused entities only

       -d     output referenced but undefined entities only

       -i     handle id elements

       -I     do not handle id elements

       -pi prefix
              id must have the given prefix ('file_based' to use filename based prefix)

       -pc prefix
              class must have the given prefix

       -ki name
              kill id, do not handle this specific id


       ada2wsdl(1), aws_password(1), awsres(1), wsdl2aws(1)

       The Ada Web Server User's Guide in package libaws-doc.


       webxref was written by AdaCore as part of the Ada Web Server.

       This manual page  was  written  by  Nicolas  Boulenguez  <>  for  Debian