Provided by: wimtools_1.9.0-2_amd64 bug


       wimlib-imagex-split - Split a WIM into multiple parts


       wimlib-imagex split WIMFILE SPLIT_WIM_PART_1 PART_SIZE [OPTION...]


       Splits  WIMFILE  into  parts  with  size  at most PART_SIZE mebibytes, with the first part
       having the name SPLIT_WIM_PART_1 and the other parts having names numbered in order of the
       parts.   This command is also available as simply wimsplit if the appropriate hard link or
       batch file has been installed.

       wimlib-imagex split can split both non-pipable and pipable WIMs.


             When reading WIMFILE, verify its  integrity  if  the  integrity  table  is  present;
             additionally,  when  writing each split WIM part, write an integrity table.  If this
             option is not specified, integrity tables will be included in the split WIMs if  and
             only if one was present in WIMFILE.


       Splits  the  WIM  'windows.wim'  into  'windows.swm', 'windows2.swm', 'windows3.swm', etc.
       where each part is at most 100 MiB:

              wimlib-imagex split windows.wim windows.swm 100


       It is possible for the size  of  the  parts  to  exceed  the  PART_SIZE  given.   This  is
       impossible  to  avoid  because the WIM file format provides no way to divide a single file
       resource in the WIM among multiple split WIM parts.  So if you, for example, have  a  file
       inside the WIM that is 100 MiB, then an uncompressed split WIM will have at least one part
       that is 100 MiB in size  to  contain  that  file.   However,  if  the  WIM  resources  are
       compressed then less space would be needed.