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     aacraid — Adaptec AACRAID Controller driver


     To compile this driver into the kernel, place the following lines in your kernel
     configuration file:

           device pci
           device aacraid

           To compile in debugging code:
           options AACRAID_DEBUG=N

     Alternatively, to load the driver as a module at boot time, place the following line in



     The aacraid driver provides support for the Adaptec by PMC RAID controllers, including
     Series 6/7/8 and upcoming families.

     The RAID containers are handled via the aacraidp0 bus.  The physical buses are represented
     by the aacraidp? devices (beginning with aacraidp1). These devices enable the SCSI pass-thru
     interface and allows devices connected to the card such as CD-ROMs to be available via the
     CAM scsi(4) subsystem.  Note that not all cards allow this interface to be enabled.

     The /dev/aacraid? device nodes provide access to the management interface of the controller.
     One node exists per installed card.  If the kernel is compiled with the COMPAT_LINUX option,
     or the aacraid_linux.ko and linux.ko modules are loaded, the Linux-compatible ioctl(2)
     interface for the management device will be enabled and will allow Linux-based management
     applications to control the card.


     Controllers supported by the aacraid driver include:

     ·   Adaptec ASR-6405(T|E)
     ·   Adaptec ASR-6445
     ·   Adaptec ASR-6805(T|E|Q|TQ)
     ·   Adaptec ASR-7085
     ·   Adaptec ASR-7805(Q)
     ·   Adaptec ASR-70165
     ·   Adaptec ASR-71605(E|Q)
     ·   Adaptec ASR-71685
     ·   Adaptec ASR-72405
     ·   Adaptec Series 8 cards


     /dev/aacraid?            aacraid management interface


     Compiling with AACRAID_DEBUG set to a number between 0 and 3 will enable increasingly
     verbose debug messages.

     The adapter can send status and alert messages asynchronously to the driver.  These messages
     are printed on the system console, and are also queued for retrieval by a management


     kld(4), linux(4), scsi(4), kldload(8)


     Achim Leubner ⟨⟩
     Ed Maste ⟨⟩
     Scott Long ⟨


     The controller is not actually paused on suspend/resume.