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       rpc - RPC program number data base




       The  rpc  file  contains  user  readable  names  that  can be used in place of RPC program
       numbers.  Each line has the following information:

       name of server for the RPC program
       RPC program number

       Items are separated by any number of blanks and/or tab characters.  A  '#'  indicates  the
       beginning of a comment; characters from the '#' to the end of the line are not interpreted
       by routines which search the file.

       Here is an example of the /etc/rpc file from the Sun RPC Source distribution.
       # rpc 88/08/01 4.0 RPCSRC; from 1.12   88/02/07 SMI
       portmapper      100000  portmap sunrpc
       rstatd          100001  rstat rstat_svc rup perfmeter
       rusersd         100002  rusers
       nfs             100003  nfsprog
       ypserv          100004  ypprog
       mountd          100005  mount showmount
       ypbind          100007
       walld           100008  rwall shutdown
       yppasswdd       100009  yppasswd
       etherstatd      100010  etherstat
       rquotad         100011  rquotaprog quota rquota
       sprayd          100012  spray
       3270_mapper     100013
       rje_mapper      100014
       selection_svc   100015  selnsvc
       database_svc    100016
       rexd            100017  rex
       alis            100018
       sched           100019
       llockmgr        100020
       nlockmgr        100021
       x25.inr         100022
       statmon         100023
       status          100024
       bootparam       100026
       ypupdated       100028  ypupdate
       keyserv         100029  keyserver
       tfsd            100037
       nsed            100038
       nsemntd         100039


              RPC program number data base




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                                            1985-09-26                                     RPC(5)