Provided by: slapd_2.4.42+dfsg-2ubuntu3.13_amd64 bug


       slapo-auditlog - Audit Logging overlay to slapd





       The Audit Logging overlay can be used to record all changes on a given backend database to
       a specified log file. Changes are logged as standard  LDIF,  with  an  additional  comment
       header giving the timestamp of the change and the identity of the user making the change.

       For  Add  and  Modify operations the identity comes from the modifiersName associated with
       the operation. This is usually the same as the requestor's identity, but  may  be  set  by
       other overlays to reflect other values.


       This  slapd.conf  option applies to the Audit Logging overlay.  It should appear after the
       overlay directive.

       auditlog <filename>
              Specify the fully qualified path for the log file.

       olcAuditlogFile <filename>
              For use with cn=config


       The following LDIF could be used to add this overlay to cn=config (adjust to suit)

              dn: olcOverlay=auditlog,olcDatabase={1}hdb,cn=config
              changetype: add
              objectClass: olcOverlayConfig
              objectClass: olcAuditLogConfig
              olcOverlay: auditlog
              olcAuditlogFile: /tmp/auditlog.ldif


              default slapd configuration file

              default slapd configuration directory


       slapd.conf(5), slapd-config(5).