Provided by: slapd_2.4.42+dfsg-2ubuntu3.13_amd64 bug


       slapo-pbind - proxy bind overlay to slapd




       The  pbind  overlay to slapd(8) forwards Simple Binds on a local database to a remote LDAP
       server instead of processing them locally. The  remote  connection  is  managed  using  an
       instance of the ldap backend.

       The  pbind  overlay  uses  a  subset  of  the  ldap  backend's config directives. They are
       described in more detail in slapd-ldap(5).

       Note: this overlay is built into the ldap backend; it is not a separate module.

       overlay pbind
              This directive adds the proxy bind overlay to the current backend.  The proxy  bind
              overlay  may be used with any backend, but it is mainly intended for use with local
              storage backends.

       uri <ldapurl>
              LDAP server to use.

       tls <TLS parameters>
              Specify the use of TLS.

       network-timeout <time>
              Set the network timeout.

       quarantine <quarantine parameters>
              Turns on quarantine of URIs that returned LDAP_UNAVAILABLE.


              default slapd configuration file


       slapd.conf(5), slapd-config(5), slapd-ldap(5), slapd(8).


       Howard Chu