Provided by: slapd_2.4.42+dfsg-2ubuntu3.13_amd64 bug


       slapo-syncprov - Sync Provider overlay to slapd




       The  Sync  Provider  overlay  implements  the  provider-side  support for the LDAP Content
       Synchronization (RFC4533) as well as syncrepl replication support.   The  overlay  can  be
       used with any backend that maintains entryCSN and entryUUID attributes for its entries. It
       also creates a contextCSN attribute in the root entry of the database.

       The contextCSN is updated for every write operation performed  against  the  database.  To
       reduce database contention, the contextCSN is only updated in memory. The value is written
       to the database on server shutdown and read into memory  on  startup,  and  maintained  in
       memory  thereafter.  Checkpoints  may  be  configured  to  write  the  contextCSN into the
       underlying database to minimize recovery time after an unclean shutdown.

       On databases that support inequality indexing, it is helpful to set an  eq  index  on  the
       entryCSN attribute when using this overlay.


       These slapd.conf options apply to the Sync Provider overlay.  They should appear after the
       overlay directive.

       syncprov-checkpoint <ops> <minutes>
              After a write operation has succeeded,  write  the  contextCSN  to  the  underlying
              database  if  <ops>  write operations or more than <minutes> time have passed since
              the last checkpoint. Checkpointing is disabled by default.

       syncprov-sessionlog <ops>
              Configures  an  in-memory  session  log  for  recording  information  about   write
              operations made on the database.  The <ops> specifies the number of operations that
              are recorded in the log. All write operations (except Adds)  are  recorded  in  the
              log.  When using the session log, it is helpful to set an eq index on the entryUUID
              attribute in the underlying database.

       syncprov-nopresent TRUE | FALSE
              Specify that the Present phase of refreshing should be skipped. This  value  should
              only  be  set  TRUE  for  a syncprov instance on top of a log database (such as one
              managed by the accesslog overlay).  The default is FALSE.

       syncprov-reloadhint TRUE | FALSE
              Specify that the overlay should honor the reloadHint flag in the Sync  Control.  In
              OpenLDAP  releases  2.3.11  and  earlier the syncrepl consumer did not properly set
              this flag, so the overlay must ignore it. This  option  should  be  set  TRUE  when
              working  with  newer  releases that properly support this flag. It must be set TRUE
              when using the accesslog overlay for delta-based syncrepl replication support.  The
              default is FALSE.


              default slapd configuration file


       slapd.conf(5), slapd-config(5), slapo-accesslog(5).  OpenLDAP Administrator's Guide.


       OpenLDAP    Software    is    developed   and   maintained   by   The   OpenLDAP   Project
       <>.  OpenLDAP Software is derived from University of Michigan LDAP
       3.3 Release.