Provided by: eboard_1.1.1-6_amd64 bug


       eboard - a graphical chess board


       eboard [-log] [-debug] [-dgtport device ]


       This manual page briefly describes the eboard command.

       eboard  is  a  graphical  chess  board. It acts as an interface to chess engines (like GNU
       Chess,   Sjeng   and   Crafty)   and   Internet   Chess   Servers    (ICS)    like    FICS
       (,  and works as a browser for chess games saved as PGN (Portable
       Game Notation) files.  eboard itself is not a chess engine: it won't play games,  it  will
       just  act as a graphical interface between programs that play games like GNU chess (or ICS
       servers) and the end-user.

       To move pieces  click  on  the  source  square  and  then  click  to  destination  square.
       Optionally,  you  may  drag the piece from the source to the destination square (you won't
       see the piece being dragged). To drop pieces on crazyhouse  and  bughouse  variants  (ICS-
       only) right-click the destination square and select the piece to drop from the popup menu.

       For  help  with  ICS  commands  consult the server (most of them have online help and help

       For help setting up associated programs  (chess  engines,  timestamping,  etc.)   see  the
       documentation    in    /usr/share/doc/eboard   or   visit   the   eboard   web   site   at If the documentation is not installed in your  system,  you
       can find it in the source distribution, available from the web site.


       -log   Log  network communications to "~/LOG.eboard". Communications held in password mode
              are not logged.

       -debug Print miscellaneous debug info to "~/DEBUG.eboard".

       -dgtport device
              Use the DGT board connected to the given device.


       eboard is being developed by Felipe Bergo. This manual page was written  by  Felipe  Bergo
       <> and Daniel Burrows <>.


                                         January 22, 2007                               EBOARD(6)