Provided by: upstart_1.13.2-0ubuntu21.1_amd64 bug


       starting - event signalling that a job is starting


       starting JOB=JOB INSTANCE=INSTANCE [ENV]...


       The starting event is generated by the Upstart init(8) daemon when a new instance of a job
       begins starting.  The JOB environment variable contains the job  name,  and  the  INSTANCE
       environment  variable  contains  the instance name which will be empty for single-instance

       init(8) will wait for all services started by this event to be running, all tasks  started
       by  this  event  to  have finished and all jobs stopped by this event to be stopped before
       allowing the job to continue starting.

       This allows jobs to effectively insert themselves as  dependencies  of  other  jobs.   The
       event is typically combined with the stopped(7) event by services.

       Job  configuration  files  may  use the export stanza to export environment variables from
       their own environment into the starting event.  See init(5) for more details.


       A service that wishes to be running whenever another service  would  be  running,  started
       before and stopped after it, might use:

              start on starting apache
              stop on stopped apache

       A task that must be run before another task or service is started might use:

              start on starting postgresql


       started(7) stopping(7) stopped(7) init(5)