Provided by: scsitools_0.12-2.2ubuntu1_amd64 bug

NAME - rescan the SCSI bus.

SYNOPSIS [ -l ] [ -w ] [ -c ] [ -r ] [ host...  ]

DESCRIPTION  is  a  program that is used to rescan the SCSI bus using the SCSI add-
       single-device feature of the Linux SCSI layer.


       -l     Activates scanning for LUNs 0 .. 7 (default: 0).

       -L NUM Activates scanning for LUNs 0 .. LUN (default: 0).

              Scan only LUNs in LIST.

       -w     Enables scanning for device IDs 0 .. 15 (default: 0 .. 7).

              Scan only device IDs in LIST.

       -i, --issue-lip
              Issue a FibreChannel LIP reset (default: disabled).

       -r, --remove
              Enables removing of devices (default: disabled).

              Remove and readd every device (dangerous).

       -c     Enables scanning of channels 0 1 (default: 0).

              Scan only channels in LIST.

       host, --hosts=LIST
              If host adapters are given, only these are scanned (default: all).

              Don't stop looking for LUNs if 0 is not found.

              Use coloured prefixes OLD/NEW/DEL.

       LIST is a comma separated list of single values  and  ranges  (no  spaces  allowed),  e.g.

AUTHOR was written by Kurt Garloff <>.


       This  program  is  free  software.  You can use it under the terms of the GNU GPL (General
       Public License) Version 2 (or any later version, at your option).  Note, that the GNU  GPL
       implies,  that  there  is  NO  WARRANTY  at  all.   Full  text  of the GPL can be found in
       /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL file.

AVAILABILITY is available from

                                            March 1998                      RESCAN-SCSI-BUS.SH(8)