Provided by: vlan_1.9-3.2ubuntu1.16.04.5_amd64 bug


       vconfig - VLAN (802.1q) configuration program.


       vconfig [lots of long options]


       The vconfig program allows you to create and remove vlan-devices on a vlan enabled kernel.
       Vlan-devices are virtual ethernet  devices  which  represents  the  virtual  lans  on  the
       physical lan.


       add [interface-name] [vlan-id]
              Creates a vlan-device on [interface-name]. The resulting vlan-device will be called
              according to the nameing convention set.

       rem [vlan-device]
              Removes the named vlan-device.

       set_flag [vlan-device] 0 | 1
              When 1 (the default since 2.6.18), ethernet header reorders are turned on.  Dumping
              the  device  will appear as a common ethernet device without vlans. When 0 however,
              ethernet headers are not reordered, which  results  in  vlan  tagged  packets  when
              dumping  the  device.  Usually  the  default  gives  no  problems,  but some packet
              filtering programs might have problems with it.

       set_egress_map [vlan-device] [skb-priority] [vlan-qos]
              This flags that outbound packets with a particular skb-priority  should  be  tagged
              with the particular vlan priority vlan-qos. The default vlan priority is 0.

       set_ingress_map [vlan-device] [skb-priority] [vlan-qos]
              This  flags  that inbound packets with the particular vlan priority vlan-qos should
              be queued with a particular skb-priority. The default skb-priority is 0.

              Sets the way vlan-device names are created. Use vconfig without  arguments  to  see
              the different formats.

       NOTES  VLAN  will  use Broadcom's NICE interface when the network device supports it. This
              is necessary, since usually the hardware of these devices already removes the  vlan
              tag from the ethernet packet. The set_flag option on vlan-devices created on such a
              physical network device will be ignored.  Dumping the network-device will show only
              untagged(non-vlan)  traffic,  and  dumping  the vlan-devices will only show traffic
              intended for that vlan, without the tags.




       ip(8), ifconfig(8)


       This manual page was written by Ard van Breemen <>
       The vlan patch is written by Ben Greear <>