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     devclass — object representing a class of devices


     typedef struct devclass *devclass_t;


     The devclass object has two main functions in the system.  The first is to manage the
     allocation of unit numbers for device instances and the second is to hold the list of device
     drivers for a particular bus type.  Each devclass has a name and there cannot be two
     devclasses with the same name.  This ensures that unique unit numbers are allocated to
     device instances.

     Beware that this means devclass must be the same for different bus attachments of the same
     device driver.


     devclass_add_driver(9), devclass_delete_driver(9), devclass_find(9),
     devclass_find_driver(9), devclass_get_device(9), devclass_get_devices(9),
     devclass_get_maxunit(9), devclass_get_name(9), devclass_get_softc(9), device(9), driver(9)


     This manual page was written by Doug Rabson.