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     vm_page_hold, vm_page_unhold — update a page's hold count


     #include <sys/param.h>
     #include <vm/vm.h>
     #include <vm/vm_page.h>

     vm_page_hold(vm_page_t m);

     vm_page_unhold(vm_page_t m);


     The vm_page_hold() function increases the hold count on a page.  This prevents the page
     daemon from freeing the page.

     vm_page_hold() should only be used for very temporary wiring of a page, as that page will
     not be considered for paging or reallocation for as long as its hold count is greater than
     zero.  Also note that while wired pages are removed from whatever queue they are on,
     vm_page_hold() does not affect the location of the page.  If it is on a queue prior to the
     call, it will still be there afterward.

     If the page needs to be held for a long period of time, vm_page_wire(9) should be used.

     vm_page_unhold() function reduces the hold count on a page.  If the hold count is zero it is
     possible that the page will be freed by the page daemon.


     vm_page_unwire(9), vm_page_wire(9)


     This manual page was written by Chad David <>.