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       insertinit,  insertsort,  get_results,  set_results,  save_median, save_minimum      - the
       lmbench results subsystem


       #include ``lmbench.h''

       #define TRIES 11

       typedef struct { uint64 u, n } value_t;

       typedef struct { int N; value_t v[TRIES]; } result_t;

       int       sizeof_result(int N)

       void insertinit(result_t *r)

       void insertsort(uint64 u, uint64 n, result_t *r)

       result_t* get_results()

       void set_results(result_t *r)

       void save_median()

       void save_minimum()


       These routines provide some simple data management functionality.  In most cases, you will
       not need these routines.

       The  current  timing results can be accessed using the routines in timing(3).  The current
       timing results may be modified using save_median and save_minimum.

       int       sizeof_result(int N)
              returns the number of bytes to allocate for a result_t which contains N results.

       void insertinit(result_t *r)
              initializes the results array.

       void insertsort(uint64 u, uint64 n, result_t *r)
              insert u and n into r.  Results are sorted in decreasing order by u/n.

       void get_results(result_t *r)
              get a copy of the current results.

       void set_results(result_t *r)
              save a copy r as the current results.

       void save_median()
              sets the timing results to the median of the current results.

       void save_minimum()
              sets the timing restuls to the minimum of the current results.

       Results are sorted in ascending order, so the minimum value is at TRIES-1 and the  maximum
       value is at 0.


       Development of lmbench is continuing.


       lmbench(8), lmbench(3), reporting(3), results(3)


       Carl Staelin and Larry McVoy

       Comments, suggestions, and bug reports are always welcome.

(c)1998 Larry McVoy                          $Date:$                 lmbench result management(3)