Provided by: dapl2-utils_2.1.10.1.f1e05b7a-3_amd64 bug


       dtestx - simple uDAPL extensions test


       dtestx [-vmpqc] [-u|-U ep num] [-P provider] [-b buf size] [ -s | -h HOSTNAME ]


       dtestx  is  a  simple  test  used  to  test  extensions  to  the  DAT  API.   At least two
       instantiations of the test must be run. One acts as the server and the other  the  client.
       The  server  side  of the test, once invoked listens for connection requests, until timing
       out or killed. Upon receipt of a cd connection request, the connection is established, the
       server and client sides exchange information necessary to perform extensions test.

       Extensions tests are:
               1. Post rdma write with immediate data
               2. Atomic compare and swap
               3. Atomic fetch and add
               Note: In case -q is set only query test will run.


              use   PROVIDER  to  specify  uDAPL  interface  using  /etc/dat.conf  (default  ofa-

              use HOSTNAME to specify server hostname or IP address (default - none)

              use buffer size BUFFER_SIZE for RDMA(default 64)

              use EP_COUNT to  specify  unreliable  datagram  test  with  EP_COUNT  UD  endpoints
              (default - none)

       -v, verbose output(default off)

       -q, query only test (default off)

       -u, unreliable datagram test (default no)

       -s, run as server (default - run as server)

       -c, run as client (for non UD tests, -h is always client)

       -p,  print  counters.  Provide  IA,  EP,  or  EVD and call will print appropriate counters
       (default off)

       -m, multi ep. in ud test only. receive multi messages on single EP. (default off - receive
       one message across multiple EPs)


       dtestx -P ofa-v2-ib0 -v -s

            Starts a server process with debug verbosity using provider ofa-v2-ib0.

       dtestx -P ofa-v2-ib0 -h server1-ib0

            Starts a client process, using ofa-v2-ib0 provider to connect to hostname server1-ib0.


       dtest(1), dtestsrq(1), dtestcm(1), dapltest(1)


       Arlin Davis

       Amir Hanania