Provided by: icewm-common_1.4.3.0~pre-20180217-3_amd64 bug


        icewm-programs - icewm programs configuration file




       The menu file is responsible for configuring most of the generated items in the icewm(1)
       root menu and start menu, and is normally included in those menus using the menufile

       An automatically generated menu of applications.  This could be used by wmconfig(1), menu
       or similar programs to give easy access to all the desktop applications which are
       installed on the system.  See icewm-programs(5).


       The format of the file contains one of the following line syntax:

       prog ["]title["] icon program options
           Specifies a program to execute when the menu item is selected.

       restart ["]title["] icon program options
           Specifies a program to replace the window manager when the menu item is selected.
           This is for launching other window managers from within icewm(1).

       runonce ["]title["] icon "[res_name][.res_class]" program options
           Specifies a program to execute when the menu item is selected; however, if a window of
           the specified res_name and res_class is present, the program will not be run again.

       menu ["]title["] icon { # contained items }
           Specifies a sub-menu.  The lines that appear between the braces can be any menu item
           described here.

       menufile ["]title["] icon filename, separator
           Specifies a file from which to collect sub-menu items (lines) and place them at this
           point in the menu.

       menuprog ["]title["] icon program options
           Specifies a program that will print sub-menu items on standard output and will be
           collected and placed in the sub-menu at this point.

           A separator for menu items.


       prog, restart, runonce, menu, menufile, menuprog, separator
           These are literal string keywords.

           This is the title string associated with the menu item which is displayed in the menu.
           When the title contains spaces, the title must be surrounded by double quotes ("""),
           although the title may always be surrounded by double quotes if preferred.

           Is the name of the icon file (with or without extension) or the full path to an icon

           res_name is the resource name of a window launched by program and res_class is the
           resource class of the window.  Only one of res_name or res_class need be specified.
           This is used to identify whether the program is already running and is for use with
           the runonce keyword.

       program options
           program is the name of the executable or full path to the executable file that will be
           run in response to selecting the menu item.  When used with the menuprog keyword, the
           program must print on standard output the contents of the menu and is used for dynamic

           options is the options and arguments passed to the program verbatim.

           filename is the name of the file relative to one of the icewm(1) configuration
           directories, or the full path to a file.  The file is used with the menufile keyword
           and specifies the file from which to read further menu items.


       Following is the example programs file that ships with icewm(1):

        # This file is intended to be customized by the distributions.
        # (they should place it in /etc/X11/icewm)
        # mostly obsolete, fixme
        menu Editors folder {
            prog fte fte fte
            prog vim vim gvim
            prog xemacs xemacs xemacs
            prog emacs emacs emacs
            prog NEdit nedit nedit
            prog xedit xedit xedit
            prog Lyx emacs lyx
        menu "WWW" folder {
            prog Netscape netscape netscape
            prog Mozilla mozilla mozilla
            prog Galeon galeon galeon
            prog Arena arena arena
            prog Lynx lynx xterm -e lynx
            prog Links lynx xterm -e links
        menu "Document Viewers" folder {
            prog "Acrobat Reader" pdf acroread
            prog "DVI Previewer" xdvi xdvi
            prog "Ghostview" ghostview gv
        menu Graphics folder {
            prog Gimp gimp gimp
            prog XV xv xv
            prog XPaint xpaint xpaint
            prog XFig xfig xfig
        menu Games folder {
            prog "Koules for X" koules xkoules -f
            prog Xboing xboing xboing
            prog Xboard xboard xboard
            prog XGalaga xgalaga xgal
            prog XDemineur xdemineur xdemineur
            prog "Tux Racer" tuxracer tuxracer
        menu System folder {
            prog "Control Panel" redhat control-panel
        menu Utilities folder {
            prog XPlayCD xplaycd xplaycd
            prog XMixer xmixer xmixer
            prog Clock xclock xclock
            prog Magnify xmag xmag
            prog Calculator xcalc xcalc
            prog Colormap xcolormap xcmap
            prog Clipboard xclipboard xclipboard
            prog xkill bomb xkill
            prog xload xload xload
            prog xosview xosview xosview
            prog "Screen Saver" xlock xlock -nolock
            prog "Screen Lock" xlock xlock
        menu "Window Managers" folder {
            restart icewm - icewm
            restart metacity - metacity
            restart wmaker - wmaker
            restart fluxbox - fluxbox
            restart blackbox - blackbox
            restart enlightenment - enlightenment
            restart fvwm2 - fvwm2
            restart fvwm - fvwm
            restart sawfish - sawfish
            restart sawfish2 - sawfish2


       Locations for the programs file are as follows:





       Brian Bidulock <>.


       IceWM is licensed under the GNU Library General Public License.  See the COPYING file in
       the distribution.