Provided by: gwsetup_6.08+git20181019+dfsg-2_amd64 bug


       gwsetup - Interactive interface to Geneweb databases management


       gwsetup [ options ]


       gwsetup helps in GeneWeb databases management.

       The  primary  documentation of gwsetup is in the HTML documentation, which you can find in
       the documentation directory (/usr/share/doc/geneweb on Debian systems).
       Please look there for complete and up-to-date documentation.


       -help   command-line help

       -lang <string>
               default language

       -daemon use as a Unix daemon

       -p <port>
               select a port number (default=2316)

       -only <file>
               path to the file containing the IP address of the authorized host

       -log <file>
               redirect log trace to this file.

       -gd <dir>
               path of the geneweb share directory

                                        2005 November 28th                             gwsetup(1)