Provided by: coop-computing-tools_7.0.22-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       parrot_cp - a replacement for cp that provides higher performance when dealing with remote
       files via parrot_run.


       parrot_cp [options] ... sources ... <dest>


       parrot_cp is  a  drop-in  replacement  for  the  Unix  cp  command.   It  provides  better
       performance  when  copying  files to or from remote storage systems by taking advantage of
       whole-file transfer rather than copying files block-by-block.


        -f, --force
              Forcibly remove target before copying.

        -i, --interactive
              Interactive mode: ask before overwriting.

               Same as -R

        -R, --recursive
              Recursively copy directories.

        -s, --symlinks
              Make symbolic links instead of copying files.

        -l, --hardlinks
              Make hard links instead of copying files.

        -u, --update-only
              Update mode: Copy only if source is newer than target.

        -v, --version
              Verbose mode: Show names of files copied.

        -h, --help
              Help: Show these options.


       On success, returns zero.  On failure, returns non-zero.


       To use parrot_cp you can either call the code directly:

               % parrot_run tcsh
               % parrot_cp /tmp/mydata /chirp/
               % exit

       or alias calls to cp with calls to parrot_cp:

               % parrot_run bash
               % alias cp parrot_cp
               % cp -r /chirp/ /tmp/joe
               % exit


       The Cooperative Computing Tools are Copyright (C) 2003-2004 Douglas  Thain  and  Copyright
       (C)  2005-2015  The  University of Notre Dame.  This software is distributed under the GNU
       General Public License.  See the file COPYING for details.


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