Provided by: toxcore-utils_0.2.10-1build2_amd64 bug


       tox-bootstrapd - Highly configurable DHT bootstrap node daemon


       tox-bootstrapd [OPTION]...  --config=FILE_PATH


       tox-bootstrapd  is a highly configurable DHT bootstrap node daemon (for systemd, SysVinit,
       Docker, etc).


              Specify path to the config file.

              This is a required option.

              Set FILE_PATH to a path to an empty file in order to use default settings.

              Run the daemon in foreground. The daemon won't fork (detach from the terminal)  and
              won't use the PID file.

       --help Print this help message.

              Specify which logging backend to use.

              Valid BACKEND values (case sensetive):

              syslog Writes log messages to syslog.

                     Default option when no --log-backend is specified.

              stdout stdout Writes log messages to stdout/stderr.

              Print version information.


       tox-bootstrapd is written by The Tox Project ⟨⟩.

       This  manual  page  was written by Yangfl ⟨⟩ for the Debian Project (and
       may be used by others).