Provided by: libnutscan-dev_2.7.4-11ubuntu4_amd64 bug


       nutscan_init - Initialize the nutscan library.


       #include <nut-scan.h>

       void nutscan_init();


       The nutscan_init() function must be called at least once before using any other function
       of the nutscan library.

       It updates the following global variables which can be used by nutscan library user to
       know which scan methods are available at run-time. This depends on the libraries installed
       on the system:

           nutscan_avail_avahi = 1 : AVAHI scan is available
           nutscan_avail_ipmi = 1 : IPMI scan is available
           nutscan_avail_nut = 1 : Old NUT method is available
           nutscan_avail_snmp = 1 : SNMP method is available
           nutscan_avail_usb = 1 : USB method is available
           nutscan_avail_xml_http = 1 : XML HTTP method is available

       Note that if a method is reported as unavailable by those variables, the call to the
       corresponding nutscan_scan_* function will always return NULL.


       nutscan_init(3), nutscan_scan_usb(3), nutscan_scan_snmp(3), nutscan_scan_xml_http(3),
       nutscan_scan_nut(3), nutscan_scan_avahi(3), nutscan_scan_ipmi(3),
       nutscan_display_ups_conf(3), nutscan_display_parsable(3), nutscan_new_device(3),
       nutscan_free_device(3), nutscan_add_option_to_device(3), nutscan_add_device_to_device(3)