Provided by: lxc_1.0.3-0ubuntu3_amd64 bug


       lxc-autostart - start/stop/kill auto-started containers


       lxc-autostart [-k] [-L] [-r] [-s] [-a] [-g groups] [-t timeout]


       lxc-autostart  processes  containers  with  set.  It  lets the user start,
       shutdown, kill, restart containers in the right order, waiting the  right  time.  Supports
       filtering  by or just run against all defined containers. It can also be used by
       external tools in list mode where no action will be performed and  the  list  of  affected
       containers (and if relevant, delays) will be shown.

       The [-r], [-s] and [-k] options specify the action to perform.  If none is specified, then
       the containers will be started.  [-a] and [-g] are used to specify which  containers  will
       be  affected.  By  default  only containers without a set will be affected.  [-t
       TIMEOUT] specifies the maximum amount of time to wait for the container  to  complete  the
       shutdown or reboot.


              Request a reboot of the container.

              Request  a  clean  shutdown.  If  a  [-t  timeout]  greater than 0 is given and the
              container has not shut down within this period, it will be killed as with  the  [-k
              kill] option.

              Rather than requesting a clean shutdown of the container, explicitly kill all tasks
              in the container.

              Rather than performing the action, just print the container name.

       -t,--timeout TIMEOUT
              Wait TIMEOUT seconds before hard-stopping the container.

       -g,--group GROUP
              Comma separate list of groups to select (defaults to those without a

              Ignore and select all auto-started containers.


       lxc(7), lxc-create(1), lxc-destroy(1),  lxc-start(1),  lxc-stop(1),  lxc-execute(1),  lxc-
       console(1),  lxc-monitor(1),  lxc-wait(1),  lxc-cgroup(1),  lxc-ls(1),  lxc-info(1),  lxc-
       freeze(1), lxc-unfreeze(1), lxc-attach(1), lxc.conf(5)


       St├ęphane Graber <>

                                   Mon Apr 14 15:49:22 UTC 2014                  lxc-autostart(1)