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       g_options - Utility program for generating GROMACS documentation VERSION 4.5.4


       g_options -[no]h -[no]version -nice int


       GROMACS programs have some standard options, of which some are hidden by default:


        Print help info and quit

        Print version info and quit

       -nice int 0
        Set the nicelevel


       -  If  the  configuration  script  found  Motif or Lesstif on your system, you can use the
       graphical interface (if not, you will get an error):
        -X gmx_bool  no Use dialog box GUI to edit command line options

       - When compiled on an SGI-IRIX system, all GROMACS programs have an additional option:
        -npri int  0 Set non blocking priority (try 128)

       - Optional files are not used unless the option is set, in contrast to non-optional files,
       where the default file name is used when the option is not set.

       - All GROMACS programs will accept file options without a file extension or filename being
       specified. In such cases the default filenames will be  used.  With  multiple  input  file
       types,  such as generic structure format, the directory will be searched for files of each
       type with the supplied or default name. When no such file is found, or with  output  files
       the first file type will be used.

       - All GROMACS programs with the exception of  mdrun and  eneconv check if the command line
       options are valid.  If this is not the case, the program will be halted.

       - Enumerated options (enum) should be used with one of the arguments listed in the  option
       description,  the argument may be abbreviated. The first match to the shortest argument in
       the list will be selected.

       - Vector options can be used with 1 or 3 parameters. When only one parameter  is  supplied
       the two others are also set to this value.

       -  All  GROMACS  programs  can read compressed or g-zipped files. There might be a problem
       with reading compressed  .xtc,  .trr and  .trj files, but these  will  not  compress  very
       well anyway.

       -  Most  GROMACS  programs can process a trajectory with fewer atoms than the run input or
       structure file, but only if the trajectory consists of the first n atoms of the run  input
       or structure file.

       - Many GROMACS programs will accept the  -tu option to set the time units to use in output
       files (e.g. for  xmgr graphs or  xpm matrices) and in all time options.



       More information about GROMACS is available at <>.

                                         Mon 21 Mar 2011                             g_options(1)