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       policyeditor - view and modify security policy settings for javaws and the browser plugin


       policyeditor [-file] policy_file [-codebase] url


       policyeditor  is a GUI application with small command line support to view and edit applet
       security policy settings used by the icedtea-web implementation of javaws and the  browser
       plugin. It is intended as a simpler, easier to use, and more accessible alternative to the
       standard JDK Policy Tool. Administrators and power users who  need  fine  grained  control
       over policy files should probably use Policy Tool instead of PolicyEditor.

       If executed without any arguments, no file is opened, and saving the file will result in a
       prompt on where to save it. Otherwise, if a file path is given as a command line argument,
       then that file path will be opened and parsed as a policy file.


       -help  Prints a short help text and exits.

       -file policy_file
              Specifies  a  policy file path to open. If exactly one argument is given, and it is
              not this flag, it is interpreted as a file path to open, as if this flag was  given
              first.  This  flag  exists  mostly  for compatibility with Policy Tool, but is also
              needed when opening a policy file and also using the -codebase flag.

       -codebase url
              Specifies an applet codebase URL. If the specified codebase already exists  in  the
              policy  file  (if  any), then it will be selected when the editor opens. If it is a
              new codebase then it will be added and selected. Multiple URLs may  also  be  given
              with a single -codebase flag by separating them with spaces. In this case, the last
              codebase given will be selected, and all will be added. If this flag is given  more
              than once, only the first is used.


              Show the GUI editor

       policyeditor -file $HOME/.config/icedtea-web/security/java.policy
              Opens the default user-level policy file location


       $HOME/.config/icedtea-web/security/java.policy the default user-level policy file location


       There aren't any known bugs. If you come across one, please file it at


       Written and maintained by the IcedTea contributors.


       policytool(1), javaws(1), java(1)

                                           10 Mar 2014                            policyeditor(1)