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       qli — Query Language Interpreter


       qli  [  -a application_file]  [ -b buffers]  [ -i startup_file]  [ -n ]  [ -p password]  [
       -t ]  [ -u username]  [ -v ]  [ -x ]  [ -y ]  [ -z ]


       This manual page documents briefly the qli command.

       This manual page was written for the Debian distribution because the original program does
       not  have  a  (free) manual page.  Instead, it has non-free documentation you can get from
       InterBase (Borland) or FireBird project sites; see at the end of the document.

       qli is an interpreter for a query language on Firebird and Interbase databases.

       qli is mainly provide for backwards compatibility for Interbase  4.0  and  3.3  and  isn't
       supported  anymore  at the moment.  This manpage has been reconstructed from the source of
       the qli tool and is likely to contain mistakes. If you find any,  please  report  them  as


   -a application_file
       Set the application_file.

   -b buffers
       Sets buffers to buffers.

   -i startup_file
       Set the startup_file.

       Turn off the banner flag.

   -p password
       Sets the password.

       Turn on sw_trace.

   -u username
       Sets the username.

       Turn on verifying.

       Turn on debugging. It can be changed with an internal command as well.

       Turn on QLI_trace.

       Prints out the version number before other actions.


       gbak(1), gdef(1), gfix(1),  gpre(1), gsec(1),  fbstat(1), isql-fb(1).

       Additional  documentation  about qli and other Firebird parts can be found on the Firebird
       Project website.

       For more information about Firebird project, visit


       This manpage was written by Remco Seesink <> for Debian GNU/Linux  but
       may be used by others.


       This document is public domain. See