Provided by: gatos_0.0.5-19ubuntu1_i386 bug


       xatitv - GUI "TV in a Window" application from the GATOS package.


       xatitv [options]


       Xatitv is the main program shipped with GATOS.  It allows GUI access to
       all  GATOS  functionality,  save  tv-out.   The  GUI  is  pretty  self-
       explanatory, but here are the basics:

       -      When first run, hit setup and configure format and options, than
              do a channel scan.

       -      Use the three buttons labeled TV, CV  and  SV  to  select  video
              input from TV tuner, Composite Video and SVHS respectively.

       -      The Adv., Capture and Edit Channel buttons toggle other sections
              of the GUI.

       -      Volume, Brightness, Contrast, Hue and Saturation can be modified
              by  clicking  the  mouse  at any location along their respective

       -      The Edit Channel GUI can be used to set  channel-specific  video
              and  audio  settings  (if  a  channel  is  too  bright/dark, too
              loud/quiet, etc) and to remove bogus channels.  It can  also  be
              used  to  name a channel so you can later select that channel by

       -      There are many other feature, look around and tinker with them.

       -      Most features have keyboard shortcuts:

              -Esc   Quit.

                     Hide/Show GUI.

              -F1-F8 Favorite channels (CTRL+Key to set).

                     Output debug info.

                     Change channel by number.

                     Change channel by name.

                     Finish entering item (channel name/number).

                     Scroll through settings.

                     Change current setting.

              -Keypad +/-
                     Change channel.

                     Switches to the previous channel that you spent more than
                     5 seconds at.

              -Keypad /
                     Toggle mute.

              -Keypad * or Double-Click
                     Toggle fullscreen Mode.

              -` or ~
                     Toggle closed captioning (CC).

              -> and <
                     Increase/Decrease size of window by a factor of 2.

              -Pause Freeze capture on current frame.

                     Capture single frame (Snapshot).


       Note,  motion capture in xatitv use a special ".yuv" file format unique
       to gatos.

       Snapshots on the other hand save to ".ppm" files,  which  are  viewable
       (and convertible) by most graphics programs.

       There  is  no  automatic  intelligence  in xatitv to select this file's
       extension, so to make sure other programs don't  get  confused,  always
       take  snapshots  to  a  ".ppm" file, and capture video to ".yuv" files.
       This should be fixed in the next version.

       Snapshots  to  files  containing  a  number  (eg:  gatos000.ppm)   will
       automatically  increment  the  number  in  this  filename  for the next
       snapshot.  So after taking a ppm snapshot to gatos000.ppm, xatitv  will
       capture the next to gatos001.ppm, then gatos002.ppm, etc....


       -pci <pciaddr>
              Override PCI address in gatos.conf.

       -q     Quiet mode (disable messages output).

       -v     Verbose mode (display many debug infos).

              Display GATOS and IBTK versions used.

              Set verbosity level (no space between d and value).

       -nosa  Only for testing.


       /etc/gatos.conf - Configuration file of GATOS.


       gatos,  gatos-conf,  gatos.conf,  atitv,  atisplit, atitogif, atitojpg,
       yuvsum, scanpci.


       Xatitv was written and copyrighted by Steaphan Greene, √ėyvind  Aabling,
       Octavian  Purdila,  Vladimir  Dergachev,  Christian  Lupien, and Daniel

                                 20 Dec 1999                         xatitv(1)