Provided by: alliance_5.0-20120515-6_amd64 bug


       checkloconorder - checks the consistency of a list of logical connectors


       #include "mlo.h"
       void checkloconorder(connectors)
       locon_list ∗connectors;


       connectors          Pointer to the head of the connector list that is to be sorted


       checkloconorder  checks  the  list  of  logical  connectors  pointed to by ∗connectors for
       conformity towards mbk(1) consistency rules.  Checks are done to warranty :

       order               the functions checks that vectorized connectors are ordered and evolve
                           monotonically, with a step of 1.

       name unicity        Vector radicals may not appear as single entity.

       name validity       No  space  should  appear  in the name, but a single one followed by a
                           number in a vector.


       "∗∗∗ mbk error ∗∗∗ radical name already used in a connector"
              The name is already used in a connector, either vectorized or  not,  and  therefore
              cannot  be  used  once  more.   This  ensures  that  f  and  f  3  will not be used
       "∗∗∗ mbk error ∗∗∗ the radical name has a spurious vectorized value"
              The name is seen as a vector in mbk(1), but its index is not a number or some  text
              follows that number.
       "∗∗∗ mbk error ∗∗∗ the radical name is not vectorized properly"
              The name is seen as a vector in mbk(1), but its index changes in such a way that it
              is not monotonically increasing or decreasing with a step of 1.


       #include "mlo.h"
       void savewithcheck(figname)
       char ∗figname;
       lofig_list ∗figure = getlocon(figname, 'A');


       mbk(1), locon(3), addlocon(3), dellocon(3), checkloconorder(3), qsort(3).