Provided by: libivykis-dev_0.36.2-1_amd64 bug


       IV_INOTIFY_INIT,    iv_inotify_register,   iv_inotify_unregister,   IV_INOTIFY_WATCH_INIT,
       iv_inotify_watch_register, iv_inotify_watch_unregister - ivykis inotify(7) wrapper


       #include <iv_inotify.h>

       struct iv_inotify {

       void IV_INOTIFY_INIT(struct iv_inotify *inotify);
       int iv_inotify_register(struct iv_inotify *inotify);
       void iv_inotify_unregister(struct iv_inotify *inotify);

       struct iv_inotify_watch {
               struct iv_inotify       *inotify;
               const char              *pathname;
               uint32_t                mask;
               void                    *cookie;
               void                    (*handler)(void *, struct inotify_event *);

       void IV_INOTIFY_WATCH_INIT(struct iv_inotify_watch *watch);
       int iv_inotify_watch_register(struct iv_inotify_watch *watch);
       int iv_inotify_watch_unregister(struct iv_inotify_watch *watch);


       The iv_inotify_register function registers an iv_inotify instance with  the  iv_inotify(3)
       module.  The inotify parameter is a pointer to the iv_inotify structure to be registered.

       The   iv_inotify_unregister   function   unregisters   an  iv_inotify  instance  from  the
       iv_inotify(3) module.  The inotify parameter is a pointer to the iv_inotify  structure  to
       be unregistered.

       The  iv_inotify_watch_register function adds a watch to the registered iv_inotify instance
       specified by the ->inotify member.

       The iv_inotify_watch_unregister function removes a  watch  from  the  iv_inotify  instance
       specified by the ->inotify member.

       In  the  iv_inotify_watch  structure  used  in  these functions, the ->pathname and ->mask
       members correspond to the members of struct  inotify_watch  as  described  in  inotify(7).
       ->handler  is  the  event  handler called when this watch triggers.  The arguments to this
       handler function are the pointer stored in the ->cookie  member  of  the  iv_inotify_watch
       structure and a pointer to an inotify_event structure as described in inotify(7).


       iv_inotify_register and iv_inotify_watch_register return zero on success.  On error, -1 is
       returned, and errno is set appropriately.


       iv_inotify will return errors returned by inotify_init(3) and inotify_add_watch(3).


       ivykis(3), inotify(7), inotify_init(3), inotify_add_watch(3), inotify_rm_watch(3)