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       ivview - fast, interactive 3D viewer of Inventor files


       ivview [-hpw]
        [files | < file]


       ivview  reads  an  Inventor  file  (or  files)  and  provides  a simple
       interface to quickly view 3D  data.  The  input  files  must  be  valid
       Inventor  3D  files  (versions 1.0 or 2.0).  All the files specified at
       the command line are read in and rendered.

       ivview presents a single window containing an Inventor viewer (examiner
       viewer or the walk viewer) and a menu bar.

       Note that if you click and hold the right mouse button, the viewer pop-
       up capabilities will be displayed.  Also, note that the  viewer  has  a
       help card that provides detailed instruction on how to use it.

       The menu bar contains the following menus:

              This  menu  presents a file Open button, (reads an Inventor file
              and  replaces  existing  object),  an  About  button,  (displays
              information about the program), and a Quit button.

              This  menu  includes  a  High quality transparency toggle button
              that turns the high-quality transparency option on and off (high
              quality   uses  DELAYED_BLEND  transparency,  low  quality  uses
              SCREEN_DOOR transparency), and an Edit background  color  button
              that  pops up the Inventor Color Editor to change the background

              This menu includes an Optimize for speed toggle button that will
              run  the  ivfix  utility and a Cull backfaces toggle button that
              will insert an SoShapeHints node that  will  cause  only  front-
              facing  polygons  to  be  drawn.   When  checked,  both of these
              options apply to the current scene and any scenes read in  using
              the  File/Open  menu.   Note  that  the ivfix utility completely
              restructures the scene,  losing  any  interaction  or  animation
              nodes or engines.


       The following command line options are allowed:

       -h     Prints the usage message for ivview.

       -p     Enables the performance meter.  Off by default.

       -w     Use an SoXtWalkViewer instead of the default SoXtExaminerViewer.
              Off by default.  This option is incompatible with the -p option.


              ivview < /usr/share/data/models/toys/jackInTheBox.iv

              ivview -w /usr/share/data/models/buildings/Barcelona.iv

              ivview myCameraAndLights.iv myObject.iv


       Note that the source code to ivview comes with  the  Open  Inventor  3D


       /usr/share/data/models/*     -     Sample     Inventor    data    files
       /usr/share/src/Inventor/tools/ivview/* - Source to ivview


       inventor, ivfix, ivcat, ivinfo, SceneViewer, gview