Provided by: libmotif-dev_2.3.4-10_amd64 bug


       XmImSetXIC  —  An  input  manager  function  that  registers an existing XIC with a widget
       "XmImSetXIC" "input manager functions" "XmImSetXIC"


       #include <Xm/XmIm.h>
       XIC XmImSetXIC(
       Widget widget,
       XIC xic);


       XmImSetXIC registers the specified X Input Context (XIC) with  widget.  Any  existing  XIC
       registered for widget is unregistered. The new XIC registered for widget is returned.

       If  xic  was  not created by XmImGetXIC or XmImRegister, it will not be subject to closing
       activities when it has no widgets registered with it.

       widget    Specifies the ID of a widget for which a new Input Context is to be registered.

       xic       Specifies the Input Context to be registered with the widget.  If xic  is  NULL,
                 the function returns the current XIC used by widget.


       Returns the new XIC registered for widget.  The application is responsible for freeing the
       returned XIC.  To free the XIC, call XmImFreeXIC.


       XmImGetXIC(3) and XmImFreeXIC(3).