Provided by: libmotif-dev_2.3.4-10_amd64 bug


       XmRemoveFromPostFromList  —  a  RowColumn  function  that disables a menu for a particular
       widget "XmRemoveFromPostFromList" "RowColumn functions" "XmRemoveFromPostFromList"


       #include <Xm/RowColumn.h>

       void XmRemoveFromPostFromList(
       Widget menu,
       Widget post_from_widget);


       XmRemoveFromPostFromList makes a Popup or  Pulldown  menu  no  longer  accessible  from  a
       widget.  This  function  does not destroy a menu, or deallocate the memory associated with
       it. It simply removes the widget from the menu's list of widgets permitted  to  post  that

       If  the  menu  argument  refers  to  a Popup menu, the event handlers are removed from the
       post_from_widget widget. If the argument refers to a Pulldown menu, its ID is removed from
       the  XmNsubMenuId of the specified post_from_widget. Also, if the menu is a Pulldown menu,
       the post_from_widget widget must be either a CascadeButton or a CascadeButtonGadget.

       menu      Specifies the widget ID of a the Popup or Pulldown menu to be made  inaccessible
                 from the post_from_widget widget.

                 Specifies the widget ID of the widget which can no longer post the menu referred
                 to by the menu argument..

       For a complete definition of RowColumn and its associated resources, see XmRowColumn(3).


       XmAddToPostFromList(3), XmGetPostedFromWidget(3), and XmRowColumn(3).