Provided by: fence-agents_4.0.22-2_i386 bug


       fence_kdump_send - send kdump acknowlegement message to cluster nodes


       fence_kdump_send [OPTIONS]... [NODE]...


       fence_kdump_send  is  a  utility used to send messages that acknowledge
       that the node has  entered  the  kdump  crash  recovery  service.  This
       utility  is  intended  to  be used the the fence_kdump agent as a means
       detect that a failed node has entered the kdump crash recovery service.
       The  fence_kdump_send  utility  is  typically run from within the kdump
       kernel after a cluster node has encountered a kernel  panic.  Once  the
       cluster   node   has   entered   the   kdump  crash  recovery  service,
       fence_kdump_send will periodically send messages to all cluster  nodes.
       When  the  fence_kdump  agent  receives a valid message from the failed
       node, fencing is complete.


       -p, --ipport=PORT
              IP port number that the fence_kdump agent is using to listen for
              messages. (default: 7410)

       -f, --family=FAMILY
              IP  network  family. Force the fence_kdump_send utility to use a
              particular network family.  Value  for  FAMILY  can  be  "auto",
              "ipv4", or "ipv6". (default: auto)

       -c, --count=COUNT
              Number  of  messages to send. If COUNT is zero, fence_kdump_send
              will send messages indefinitely. (default: 0)

       -i, --interval=INTERVAL
              Time to wait between sending a message. The value  for  INTERVAL
              must be greater than zero. (default: 10)

       -v, --verbose
              Print verbose output.

       -V, --version
              Print version and exit.

       -h, --help
              Print usage and exit.


       Ryan O'Hara <>


       fence_kdump(8), mkdumprd(8), kdump.conf(5)