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       ftpdctl - ProFTPD control program


       ftpdctl [ -hv ] [ -s Unix domain socket ] action action-parameters


       ftpdctl  is  the  control program for the Professional File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server
       daemon.  The control program is used to control the daemon while it is running, supporting
       actions  like  restarting  or  shutting  down  the  daemon, disabling or enabling specific
       virtual servers, kicking FTP users, etc.

       The specific actions available via ftpdctl depend on the modules  compiled  into  proftpd.
       Check  the modules documentation for more information on the specific actions supported by
       the modules.


       -h,--help   Display a short usage description, including all available options.

       -s,--socket Specifies an alternate path to be used for communicating with  proftpd  rather
                   than  the  default  Unix  domain  socket.   The  default  controls  socket  is

                   Display informational messages while communicating with the proftpd daemon.


       ProFTPD is written and maintained by a number of people, full  credits  can  be  found  on



       Full  documentation  on  ProFTPD,  including  configuration  and  FAQs,  is  available  at

       For    help/support,    try     the     ProFTPD     mailing     lists,     detailed     on

       Report bugs at

                                          November 2003                                ftpdctl(8)