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       BibTool - BibTeX file manipulation tool


       bibtool [options] [files]


       This  manual is not meant to be exhaustive.  The complete documentation for BibTool can be
       found in the BibTool Manual.  BibTeX provides an easy to use means to integrate  citations
       and bibliographies into LaTeX documents. But the user is left alone with the management of
       the BibTeX files.  BibTool is intended to fill this gap.  BibTool allows the  manipulation
       of BibTeX files which goes beyond the possibilities - and intentions - of BibTeX.

       BibTool manipulates BibTeX database files through the command line front-end bibtool which
       accepts numerous options.  Modifications are performed through resource instructions  that
       allow  the  modification  of  the  various internal parameters determining the behavior of
       BibTool; resource instructions can be grouped in resource  files.   The  original  BibTool
       distribution contains a sufficient set of resource file samples to perform basic, relevant


       bibtool accepts the following options.

   Resource files
       -R     Immediately evaluate the instructions from the default resource file.

       -r rsc_file
              Immediately evaluate the instructions from the resource file rsc_file.

       -- rsc_cmd
              Evaluate the resource instruction rsc_cmd.

   Input file
       -i bib_file
              Add the BibTeX database file bib_file to the list of input files.   If  -i  omitted
              the  file  name  may  not  start  with a -.  If absent stdin is taken to read from.
              Input files should follow the bibtex(1) conventions.

   Output file
       -o output_file
              Direct output to the file output_file.  If absent the output is directed to stdout.

   Status reporting
       -q     Suppress warnings. Errors can not be suppressed.

       -v     Enable informative messages on the activities of BibTool.

       -s     Enable sorting of entries.

       -S     Enable sorting of entries in reverse order.

       -A type
              Determine key disambuguation; type in 0, a, A.

   Selecting items
       -x aux_file
              Extract the entries from the auxiliary (.aux) LaTeX aux_file file.

       -X regex
              Select certain entries according to the regular expression regex.

       -c     Turn on the additional selection of crossreferenced entries.

   Key generation
       -f key_format
              Set the specification for key generation to key_format.

       -F     Turn on key generation.

       -k     Generate short format keys.

       -K     Generate long format keys.

   Semantic checks
       -d     Find and mark (or delete) entries with identical sort keys.

       -m mac_file
              Write the macro definitions to the file mac_file (- is stdout).

       -M mac_file
              Write the used macro definitions to the file mac_file (- is stdout).

   Getting help
       -h     Print short help and exit.

       -V     Print version and exit.

       -#     Print statistics about all known entry types (long).

       -@     Print statistics about the used entry types only (short).


              Search path for BibTeX database (.bib) files.

              Search path for BibTool resource (.rsc) files.

              List of resource file names separated by colon.


              The default current directory BibTool resource file.

              The default individual BibTool resource file.

              The BibTool resource files included in the original distribution.

              The BibTool Manual.

              The BibTool Quick Reference Card.


       bibtex(1), latex(1), tex(1)
       The BibTool Manual.


       Some arrays are allocated statically which may result in an overflow.
       Most memory is allocated but not returned to the OS: A garbage collection algorithm  might
       be integrated in a future release.
       This  man  page  is  updated  only  occasionally,  so  it is very likely out of date.  For
       complete, current documentation, refer to the BibTool Manual which is distributed as LaTeX
       source file (bibtool.tex) in the original BibTool source distribution.


       BibTool is designed and maintained by Gerd Neugebauer.