Provided by: lives-plugins_2.8.7-1_amd64 bug


       build-lives-rfx-plugin - builds rendered effects for LiVES


       build-lives-rfx-plugin script_name [plugin_dir] -get section file


       This perl script is used by LiVES to compile an RFX (rendered effect) plugin for LiVES. It
       is generally called from build-lives-rfx-plugin-multi for a script which  has  a  language
       code  representing  LiVES-perl.  The  script_name  must be the full (absolute) path to the
       plugin script, and plugin_dir can be used  to  specify  the  output  directory  where  the
       compiled plugin should be generated. If plugin_dir is not defined then /tmp is assumed.

       The second variant with -get is used to print out a script section from a plugin script to
       stdout. It is generally only used internally by LiVES.

       Return values The script returns the following values

       0 - success 1 - the value of a trigger was greater than the number of  parameters  2  -  a
       value  could  not  be read from the script file 3 - the language code of the plugin script
       was not equivalent to LiVES-perl 4 - the API  version  level  of  the  plugin  script  was
       invalid 5 - the <define> section was missing from the plugin script


       build-lives-rfx-plugin-multi(1), lives(1)


       Gabriel Finch a.k.a Salsaman (

                                            May 9 2010                  build-lives-rfx-plugin(1)